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We Pay Free Removal Fixed Fee

We Pay For Select Models

Below is a list of selected models that we pay for. Please check that yours is on the list, then complete the form or contact us to request for it to be removed.

List of Stairlifts

Stannah 260

Stannah 260
Under 7 years old

Stannah 420
Under 10 years old

Stannah 600

Thyssenkrupp Flow 2
Under 5 years old

Thyssenkrupp Flow 2a

Thyssen Krup Flow X

Thyssen Krup Homeglide
Under 3 years old

Acorn / Brooks 130
Under 3 years old

Acorn / Brooks 180
Under 3 years old

Oto Air
Under 3 years old

Minivator 2000
Under 3 years old

We remove Stairlifts throughout the UK so please call us on 08452417633

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